Holy Moses
Entrano in classifica in Germania
Pubblicato il 21/04/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Il nuovo album degli Holy Moses, l'ultimo della loro onorata carriera, è entrato in classifica tedesca al numero 14!

Così dichiara Sabine Classen:

"I'm crying tears of joy, it's a rollercoaster of emotions.… It is simply unbelievable and an absolutely unimagined sensation. The loyalty of the old and apparently very many young, new fans of Holy Moses, touches me emotionally very violently. I can only say thank you to everyone involved for this first chart entry in Holy Moses' 43-year history. It shows me what heavy metal means. The fact that we got into the charts with our farewell album is all thanks to you. I thank every single fan, my band, the booking agency, our management and Wossi and Fireflash Records, who believed in Holy Moses. I can't believe what's happening here at all. Metal unites and metal has made me strong. I'm happy to pass on this power and energy to all of you. Because you have to believe in yourself and live your visions and you need such loyal and great fans like you.
Your very grateful and deeply touched Sabina".


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Holy Moses
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