Pubblicato il 22/05/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo singolo online per il gruppo heavy metal inglese, che dichiara:

"Our debut album "Guns For Hire" is the result of not only the time we have spent together as a band, but a decade of Blood, Sweat, Tears, Beers, Fights N' Endless nights - All lit by a burning love for Heavy Metal. Now, Children of the Night, Marauders of Earth N' Hells Vagabonds on July 14th we invite you to live it with us, told by the tale of these 10 songs. Heavy Metal is the undying beast, it can not be killed, it can not be stopped, it soldiers on no matter what. Our friend the Warhead, brought to life on our debut album by the incredible Sadist Art Design in a cocktail of 50's Horror N' 80's B Movie posters, is the personification of this music we are so proud to carry the torch for. Are you ready to carry it with us? The title track to the debut EP, this song epitomises the bands motto of 'Laser guided Riffs N' Hooks that Kill.' A cocktail of brutal aggression, speed, technicality - and a HUGE chorus. With a video shot in front of a sold out crowd in Liverpool during the bands third ever show, Tailgunner are fighting for Heavy Metal for eternity", states the band! 




From UK

Guns For Hire - 2023