Older Than The Gods
Pubblicato il 26/05/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo singolo online per i finlandesi, che hanno annunciato l'uscita di un album black metal intitolato Polar Veil:


Queste le parole della band:

“Nature represents freedom, darkness and the call of the wild. Black Metal has always been at the borders of my sound and playing, at the heart of everything I do. Tradition, nature, ritual, mythology, mysticism and philosophy, along with clashing and jarring chords have always been synonymous with Hexvessel. It was natural with Polar Veil, finally now as we reach the zenith of the journey, that these influences surface to the human ear, and with the freezing cold guitar sound that the climate here demands.”

From Finlandia

Dawnbearer - 2011
No Holier Temple - 2012
When We Are Death - 2016
Unfurled - 2016
All Tree - 2019