Lord Of The Lost
Pubblicato il 05/06/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Lyric video online per i tedeschi:


Chris Harms afferma:
"Lyric videos are not really our thing at all. But for a song like "noituLoVEr", or "LOVE Revolution" as it is pronounced, where the lyrics are undeniably the most important thing, a lyric video was the only thing that made sense. "LOVE Revolution" is a song for all those who, even nowadays, still feel like they don't quite fit in, in the prefabricated open puzzle pieces that our society leaves for us. Such as me. It's equally a song for all those who are responsible for this problem. As long as any diversity in love is not as natural and accepted as breathing, it is important to stand up for the uniqueness of it – and to release songs like these."

Lord Of The Lost
From Germania

2010: Fears
2011: Antagony
2012: Die Tomorrow
2014: From The Flame Into The Fire
2016: Empyrean
2018: Thornstar
2021: Judas
2022: Blood & Glitter