Hyro The Hero
Sho Nuff
Pubblicato il 10/06/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Disponibile il nuovo videoclip del rapper Hyro The Hero, che dichiara:

"‘Sho Nuff’ is an action-packed movie full of huge explosions and abuzz with activity. It’s self-esteem put on record inspired by one of my favorite movies as a kid, ‘The Last Dragon.’ I’ve always wanted to make a song that exuded the confidence of Sho’nuff and the heroism portrayed by Bruce Leroy. This song is all about attitude, I was in the zone at the moment of recording, so I didn't even write, I freestyled this whole song. The place I feel comfortable and confident is in front of the microphone with amazing music. I felt like Godzilla, so I rapped about being Godzilla. I felt I got that glow like Bruce Leroy did, so I had to stamp it with the words ‘Sho Nuff.’ Matt Good helped create the perfect music to allow me to do that”.



Hyro The Hero
From USA

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