Lord Of The Lost
Reset The Preset
Pubblicato il 07/07/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Andy LaPlegua dei Combichrist è ospite del nuovo sgargiante videoclip dei tedeschi:


Queste le loro parole:

"In line with the song title 'Reset The Preset', we did everything the way we NEVER do it for this video. We put every creative decision of the music video - whether it was clothing, lighting, colors, content, whatever... - into other hands. Namely, into the hands of our tour photographer and cameraman Lennard Schmitt, who has an incredible knack for visually absurd art. So, with Lennard as director, we set every LOTL preset to reset and let ourselves be surprised with this video from start to finish. The result is definitely the most shrill and weirdest piece of visual art we've ever released."

Lord Of The Lost
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