Begat The Nephilim
Pubblicato il 11/07/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per il gruppo blackened death americano:


Queste le parole del frontman Tyler Smith:

"This song lyrically and thematically, with the music video, was inspired at first by one of my favourite movies, "Cemetery Man". The cover art for the album as well. At the heart of it, this song is as important to this albums overarching theme of death and grieving as the title tracks are. I wrote this song for my father specifically, as well as my friends that I have lost along the way. The ossuary in this song is representing both a mental and physical place I can bury my lost. This song and album overall is an ode to the dead."

Il chitarrista Cam Dupere aggiunge:

"The impetus for the composition of "Ossuary" was to showcase the frenetic energy of our earlier material juxtaposed against a more brooding and moody atmosphere. Elements of our sound that were hinted at on our first album are explored more thoroughly, such as the black metal influenced riffing and technical flourishes. The middle section was written to contrast the blitzkrieg that proceeds and follows it, allowing the listener time to decompress before the sonic onslaught begins again. The focus on a more dynamic shifts was definitely a driving force behind "Ossuary" and will be a great asset in our bag of tricks going forward."