Collapse Under The Empire
Pubblicato il 21/07/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Due uscite ambizione in arrivo per il duo tedesco, che pubblicherà il nuovo album Recurring a Settembre con un box di 11 vinili intitolato Works 08-23.

Così si legge nel comunicato:

“For the past 15 years Chris Burda and Martin Grimm have been presenting a genre mix of post-rock, soundtrack, shoegazing, ambient to ice-cold electronica. Their music is now used in Hollywood trailers, such as Brightburn by James Gunn and in many documentaries. Their soundtrack-like compositions have always been perfect for cinematic soundtracks. With new album Recurring, the duo has released an impressive number of nine studio albums, three EPs and various singles to date. Collapse Under The Empire have established themselves internationally in the post-rock scene. Their new album Recurring can be described as an orchestral post-rock epic, which raises the sound and complexity of the band to a new level Thematically, the album revolves around the perpetual cycle of life, in which everything on our planet is constantly repeated. After destruction and death-purification, peace and redemption follows. The album is somber, melancholic and hopeful at the same time. Recurring creates a powerful sound that combines ethereal soundscapes with their signature guitar-driven post-rock sound.”



Collapse Under The Empire
From Germania

Systembreakdown (2009)
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Fragments of a Prayer (2012)
Sacrifice & Isolation (2014)
The Fallen Ones (2017)
The End of Something (2019)
Everything We Will Leave Beyond Us (2020)
Recurring (2023)