Collabora con i Cinnamon Babe
Pubblicato il 21/07/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Così Otep Shamaya parla della collaborazione per ‘The Man’:

“It’s just spitting facts. If [Stormi] were a man, she’d have more body autonomy: legislatively, culturally, socially – it’s a fact. In this country (and around the world), men have more control over their bodies than women do. And when sexual assault is rampant, they tell women to stay indoors – not the men. When unwanted pregnancy is on the rise, it’s never that men need to get vasectomies, it’s always ‘women need to close their legs.’ Fuck all that.”


Queste le parole della band guidata da Stormi Maya:

“Working with Otep was a dream come true, She is one of my biggest inspirations in music. I have always admired her strong voice and vulnerability in her music. I hope to be as successful as her one day.”


From USA

Sevas Tra (2002)
House Of Secrets (2004)
Ascension (2007)
Smash The Control Machine (2009)
Atavist (2011)
Hydra (2013)
Generation Doom (2016)