Jag Panzer
Pubblicato il 28/07/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Gli americani hanno pubblicato un video in supporto del Welcome To The Hallowed Tour 2023:


Mark Briody afferma:

 "'Prey!' is probably the band's favorite song to rehearse. The quick riff is lots of fun to play live! In the album concept this is where the panthers kill a family so that the team can take their supplies. We wanted something a bit different for this song, so there is no solo and the structure is much different from the other songs. The track also showcases some of our more unique influences. For example, the main riff in 'Prey!' ends on 4. We don't do that a lot in our music but some of our very early (young teens) influences such as THE RUNAWAYS' 'Cherry Bomb' ends the riff on 4."

Jag Panzer
From USA

Ample Destruction (1984)
Dissident Alliance (1995)
The Fourth Judgement (1997)
The Age Of Mastery (1998)
Thane To The Throne (2000)
Mechanized Warfare (2001)
Decade Of The Nail Spiked Bat (2003)
Chain Of Command (2004)
Casting The Stones (2004)
The Scourge Of The Light (2011)
The Deviant Chord (2017)
The Hallowed (2023)