Sex Beat
Pubblicato il 10/08/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Su Visions è disponibile la nuova traccia del gruppo punk tedesco:


Così si legge nel comunicato di This Charming Records:

"There it is... the beat of the big city - and I already thought that the Gang were all already retired and then the mail flutters into the house: Peeps of Surf Nazis Must Die, Herpes, Heat... wild number, hit it and impetuous...

Now, a few months later, people are gone and new ones are here and the thing is going. Nothing has changed in the sound, the energetic quartet continues to deliver extremely driving upbeat postpunk or No Future sound

You hear some Parquett Courts, some Uranium Club, some Dischord sound and 70s punk - cutting guitars, booming bass and 16th note driven drums - frantic, rhythmic, pushing, sometimes hypnotically repetitive. And above it all, Florian Pühs's excited vocals snarl, singing about all those big-city/small-town/youth/throwback things that sometimes seem very familiar and sometimes very unfamiliar. In any case, answers are given to some of life's important questions - or do you know what Hüsker Dü would do? Or what's up with Dennis Rodman, why the elevator shouldn't pull you down or what the highs and lows are in the life of an elevator boy?"