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Non siamo rimasti troppo convinti dal nuovo album degli svedesi, che festeggiano l'uscita pubblicando il terzo singolo Ashlight:


Jake E commenta:
“It feels amazing to FINALLY have new music to release again! We put a lot of effort into finding out what the future of Cyhra's music was to be and I must say I am overwhelmed with the result. Both with the album and also the songwriting!. I think that we have made a fantastic follow-up to both of our first two albums, but also at the same time we’ve managed to modernized the songwriting. I can assure you that no Cyhra fan will be disappointed!"

Alex Landenburg aggiunge:
“To me, this is a perfect successor to our first two records. It has all the Cyhra trademarks, but it’s a bit more Rock’n’Roll, more raw, in the way we recorded it. And on top of that, Euge’s great mix and Jacob Hansen’s mastering are a wicked combination!”

Questo il commento di Euge Valovirta:
"This is the first album we produced by ourselves and it turned out to be just like I heard it in my head before we even started to record it. We still wanted to have (long time producer) Jacob Hansen's input on it so he did the mastering and I did the mixing. I'm very proud of it. And us. Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue."

Marcus Sunesson prosegue:
“It’s the first of the three Cyhra albums that I played guitar on and also contributed to the songwriting. It was a fun and very creative process, but also challenging since we wanted to break new ground in order to make the best Cyhra album possible. I am so happy and proud of this beast of an album! This time we took a deep breath and dove down to explore a slightly darker, more progressive and modern side of ourselves. Yet still sounding like the Cyhra you all know and love. This album will definitely turn some heads. You will love it!”

Jesper Strömblad conclude:
“It's so great to have a new album around the corner. We have kept the essential Cyhra sound, but at the same time upgraded and updated it a bit. I love what Euge has done to the mix and I know you are not gonna be disappointed!”

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