Holy Moses
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Pubblicato il 25/08/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

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Side A:
01. Downfall Of Mankind (Feat. Marloes Voskuil – Haliphron)
02. Cult Of The Machine (Feat. Bobby Ellsworth – Overkill)
03. Order Out Of Chaos (Feat. Diva Satanica – ex-Nervosa / Bloodhunter)
04. Invisible Queen (Feat. Ingo Bajonczak – Assassin / Bonded)
05. Alternative Reality (Feat. Tom Angelripper – Sodom)
06. The New Norm (Feat. Chris Staubach – Courageous)
Side B:
07. Visions In Red (Feat. Rægina – Dæmonesq)
08. Outcasts (Feat. Leif Jensen – Dew-Scented)
09. Forces Great And Hidden (Feat. Gerre – Tankard)
10. Too Far Gone (Feat. Jens Kidman – Meshuggah)
11. Depersonalized (Feat. Daniela Karrer – Headshot)
12. Through The Veils Of Sleep (Feat. Ryker's)


Holy Moses
From Germania

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