Tortured Land
Pubblicato il 31/08/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Il gruppo metalcore tedesco ha pubblicato online un nuovo videoclip:


Così si legge nel comunicato stampa:

"Maintaining the tradition from their 2020 EP, MAVIS blends relentless intensity with poignant, powerful lyrics, all presented with a nearly theatrical flair. The profoundly emotional and dynamic vocal delivery of Phil Donay indicates the band's significant progression from their earlier work, and suggests an intention to raise the stakes even higher. For the recording, mixing, and mastering of their new tracks, MAVIS collaborated with Manuel Renner of Überlärm Studios, a professional gaining recognition for his collaborations with bands such as Senna, CONSVMER, Vicious Rain, The Butcher Sisters, among others. Together, they crafted a sound that accentuates the band's melodic yet spirited aspects while retaining a robust and vibrant energy. In doing so, MAVIS not only demonstrates their ambition to secure a spot among the esteemed bands of their genre but also affirms their commitment to making a lasting impact.

Their brand new single 'Tortured Land' features a visually compelling music video, filmed in collaboration with Danny Jakov of deadapefilms, encapsulating MAVIS's intensely dynamic performance style. The narrative portrays the challenge of confronting inner demons and anxieties, illustrating how facing them alone can exacerbate the issues, causing them to expand like a delicate glass sphere until it shatters, wreaking havoc on everything in its path."