Pubblicato il 01/09/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per le brasiliane:


Prika Amaral afferma:
"This song is the roots of this new album. Helena and I love motorcycles, and wanted to write a song that gives freedom to the people, because this is how we feel when we ride our motorcycles. Also, 'Jailbreak' has one of the biggest guitar duos - people will be surprised when we play this song live. I can't wait for that!"  

Helena Kotina aggiunge:

"For me, 'Jailbreak' feels like the most heavy but also pure rock 'n' roll song on the album. It combines fast roaring guitars together with melodies and has this rebellious vibe." 




From Brasile

Victim of Yourself - 2014
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Downfall of Mankind - 2018
Perpetual Chaos - 2020
Jailbreak - 2023