Rhythm and Rapture
Pubblicato il 05/09/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Questo il video che segna la collaborazione tra Seeyouspacecowboy e nothing.nowhere:


This song was created out of a desire to mix 00’s dancey indie rock like Foals, Cut Off Your Hands, and Bloc Party with a post-hardcore sound” -  afferma il frontman Connie Sgarbossa - “We wanted to create a song in a style we’ve never done before that really reflects the variety of what we grew up listening to. Outside of just nostalgia, wanted to make something that was more focused on being dancey and fun like parts we had all the way back in the Songs For The Firing Squad era, but with less dissonance and more embracing the joy of simplicity. Even though it sounds like a wild departure it has its roots in stuff we have done with SYSC in the past, just expanded and with a different flavor.