Pubblicato il 06/09/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Il gruppo extreme metal belga si è ispirato all'opera di Fritz Lang per il suo nuovo singolo:


Simon Duson commenta:

“We are thrilled to finally unveil 'Metropolis'. Inspired by Fritz Lang's 1927 film, our song delves deep into the shadows lurking behind the facade of progress and opulence. 'Metropolis' reveals the corruption and filth concealed beneath the glitter and glamour of our world, echoing the dark undertones of our civilization's relentless advancement. It's a haunting reminder that often, what lies beneath the surface is far more enigmatic than meets the eye. Faithful Carnation fans will undoubtedly find what they have come to love and expect of our signature sound on 'Cursed Mortality'. However, they can also expect the unexpected, as we venture further into previously unknown territories for the band. The artwork for 'Cursed Mortality' has been masterfully crafted by the late Mariusz Lewandowski (†), renowned for his remarkable talent in creating majestic dark surrealist masterpieces. Lewandowski's haunting visuals perfectly capture the essence of the album. Furthermore, we have collaborated with the revered Lord of the Logos, Christophe Szpajdel, to create a brand new logo and symbol that perfectly encapsulates the essence of 'Cursed Mortality'. Known for his iconic designs and ability to bring forth the spirit of the music through typography, Szpajdel's contribution further solidifies the album's visual identity. The second decade of Carnation begins now. Prepare for an intense journey concerning the exploration of our fleeting mortality."


From Belgio

Chapel Of Abhorrence (2018)