Magnolia Park
Pubblicato il 12/09/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Una bomba il nuovo singolo dei Magnolia Park con Ethan Ross come ospite:


The song came together organically because we did it in only a couple of hours - dichiara Tristan Torres -  "It's such a weird collaboration, but it works so well and sounds so cool. We got to do the video all together too - we all flew out to LA and we got to hang out and make this really cool, nu-metal-style video. Vince comes from a pop-leaning world, Freddie comes from a math rock and experimental world, and I'm very hip-hop-oriented," Torres explains. "You can hear that in our sound – all these worlds colliding. We're not selfish about our sounds, we like it when we all mix together. Josh's amazing voice is the nail in the coffin, and Joe is such an amazing drummer."