Wrong Direction
Pubblicato il 21/09/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

I finlandesi hanno pubblicato un altro video da Queen Of Time (Live At Tavastia 2021):


Esa Holopainen commenta: "We shot a video for the song once back in the day when the »Queen Of Time« album was released originally. An interesting anecdote is that Tomi Joutsen and Pekka Kainulainen [also known as the band's lyricist] both travelled to Norwegian Lapland to film the landscape shots. But in the end you could only see Pekka in the video. Poor Tomi had to travel and to spend a couple of days in Norway for nothing. The very nice video was directed by SENTENCED drummer Vesa Ranta, but you can now also witness the live version of the track and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do."


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