Thy Art Is Murder
Cacciato CJ McMahon
Pubblicato il 23/09/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

CJ McMahon non è più il frontman dei Thy Art Is Murder, che si sono affrettati a registrare da capo le canzoni di Godlike, album che avevamo già recensito, con un altro cantante.

Questo il comunicato della band:

"Our new album 'Godlike' is now available worldwide digitally with an unforeseen change — Chris McMahon is no longer a part of THY ART IS MURDER and does not feature on the record. We understand that this may come as a surprise and we want to assure you that this decision was made to preserve the band's integrity and direction. What transpired over the past month was not the cause of this action, but just another symptom of the drawn out breakdown in his character and judgement. The straw that broke the camel's back if you will. Long story short, the fallout has been immense. We were lobbed with threats to destroy THY ART IS MURDER from the inside if we did not capitulate to various ideologies that he holds. Everyone has their own right to free speech and to seek their truth; they are also free to receive the consequences that come with it. We appreciate your support and respect for our privacy during this challenging time. As we move forward, we are excited to introduce you to a new vocalist, who finished re-recording vocals on the new album earlier this week, and will be joining us for the 'Godlike' European tour with WHITECHAPEL, FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY, and SPITE, which kicks off in a few days. Our focus remains on delivering powerful music and unforgettable performances to our dedicated fans. We’re grateful for your understanding and continued support as we embark on this new chapter together. With gratitude, THY ART IS MURDER".


Thy Art Is Murder
From Australia

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Godlike (2023)