Video Game
Pubblicato il 27/09/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Così l'artista coreano-americana parla del suo nuovo singolo:

"The Bee that is in space represents my soul trapped inside the spiritual realm. My soul travels through portals, trying to get to my physical self, which is an homage to parallel universes. The people who are supposedly helping me actually represent my subconscious. Self-sabotage and existential questions about life and death are shown through me trying to escape myself. Eventually, my soul reaches my physical body, but I cannot handle the mental state of it, so I end up killing it, but life repeats and I have to start the "game over"."

E aggiunge: "The progression of 'A PROPHECY' is me forgiving and forgetting what had happened, but it's still been a journey trying to heal the wounds,"