Elephant Stone
The Spark
Pubblicato il 12/10/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Gli autori di BACK INTO THE DREAM hanno un nuovo video online:



Queste le parole di Rishi Dhir: 

"Crafting a song is like tapping into a kind of magic that exists beyond the realm of the ordinary. I'm in perpetual pursuit of that elusive sensation—the spark that turns fleeting thoughts into something immortal. 'The Spark' is my love letter to the art of songwriting, a tribute to the creative process itself. It's about that serendipitous moment when time and space align, allowing you to capture lightning in a bottle. From that ineffable feeling, I labor to find the right words, striving to make the abstract both concrete and deeply personal. Each completed song leaves me both satisfied and hungry—satisfied that I've said something meaningful, and hungry to rediscover that spark once more."