Gods Of The World
Pubblicato il 14/10/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per i brasiliani:


Queste le parole di Rafael Bittencourt: "This video is a reflection about who we are really following as leaders and who we are unconsciously worshipping with our acts. People might believe that they worship God and follow specific values, but in reality they have other priorities such as work, social position, food, social media, pleasure etc. Our highest values play a very small part in the way we behave. Most of us in contemporary society are addicted to being connected to the internet, networks, and social media. An illness that has become normal. It all starts with the fact that most of our work and survival depends on it, and ends on the sense of emptiness and anxiety when our phones are off. That makes us all very passive to the influence of all sorts of truths being bombarded simultaneously through what we follow. While our brains are numb and receptive, we're commanded by external, also contradictory references. So the gods that rule the world nowadays are the chaos within our own habits, and we're confused searching for vain experiences to fulfill our lonely and empty souls."


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