Delusions Of Morality
Pubblicato il 04/11/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video in 3D per i brutal deathster americani:


"Ricky Myers' studio debut is a work that really does its job and will blow heads. No Death Metal fan should miss this work."
The Dark Melody (Latin America)

"With this album, I strongly believe in the relevance of this new version of Suffocation that could have simply decided to roll on the catalog of the past on tour but decided to give us a damn good cake!"
ARS Media (Canada)

From USA

Effigy of the Forgotten (1991)
Breeding the Spawn (1993)
Pierced from Within (1995)
Souls to Deny (2004)
Suffocation (2006)
Blood Oath (2009)
Pinnacle of Bedlam (2013)
...of the Dark Light (2017)
Hymns From The Apocrypha (2023)