Pubblicato il 17/11/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Una collaborazione spettacolare quella tra gli inglesi ed i ten56:


"When we received the opportunity to work with ten56., notably Aaron and Luka, we were ecstatic" -  dichiara Oli dei Sunfall - "Their unique style, coupled with our creative vision, has culminated in a track that we're immensely proud of. ten56. are in a league of their own with Luka's writing and production paired with Aaron's monstrous vocals and his ability to incorporate hip-hop style rhythms and flow into his sound." 
Aaron Matts dei ten56. aggiunge:

"Both Luka and I had a great time working on this track. Artist features come extremely often, but seldomly tracks that are so well written. Sunfall were an absolute pleasure to work with from beginning to end and I think their upcoming trajectory is going to speak for itself. Hard working and talented lads who know how to put a banger together."