Escuela Grind
Ball And Chain
Pubblicato il 18/11/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

I noise-maker americani hanno pubblicato un estratto del nuovo EP DDEEAATHHMMEETTAALL:


Katerina Economou commenta:

“‘DDEEAATHHMMEETTAALL;’ is the third installment of our EP series where we dive into the genres that most influence this band. Finishing this trilogy has been years in the works. We are so excited to release these songs as they are perhaps the best reflection of our live performance. The stage has honed these hectic songs to perfection. Originally we were going to have three songs on this EP, but we wanted to create another track that had a huge buildup. This eventually developed into this brutal song, ‘Ball and Chain‘, that marks the point in our live shows where we have a wall of death every night. Lyrically, it references death metal tropes of murder and revenge, but with a decidedly feminine angle.”

Escuela Grind
From USA

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