Alpha Wolf
Bring Back To The Noise
Pubblicato il 25/11/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

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"In the early stages of writing Bring Back The Noise we felt we had a party starter on our hands. Refining this song together in the woods of our writing retreat in the Australian winter resulted in a two minute barrage of catchy riffs with fun and fierce lyrics, which perfectly encapsulates what Alpha Wolf is about. We've found a way to be okay with delivering in-your-face style vocal hooks that will get any crowd jumping and singing along, Bring Back The Noise delivers just that. Whether you like yelling along, head-banging or moshing we invite everyone to turn it up loud until their speakers blow. On our recent tour across North-America we got the chance to debut this song live to which we received amazing feedback amongst new faces and we’re excited to finally be able to showcase the song in its true from for your listening pleasure. Bring Back The Noise, turn it up."




Alpha Wolf
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