Chelsea Wolfe
Tunnel Lights
Pubblicato il 29/11/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Così Chelsea Wolfe presenta il suo nuovo video girato da George Gallardo Kattah:

“This song is about actually living this life instead of just getting by.. about realizing that you’ve been languishing in the dark, & starting to take steps toward the lights that’ll guide you out.

For me, this video is a contemplative wander through possibility, grief, & wonder, represented by the carrying of a mysterious egg through the mystical landscapes of the Colombian páramo, inspired by the energy & flora of the mountains themselves. starling murmurations act as both guide & coven as emotions become unfrozen.

George was inspired by Columbian artist Oscar Muñoz’s 2006 work The Line of Destiny, & I brought inspiration from 1985 film Angel’s Egg (Mamoru Oshii & Yoshitaka Amano). there’s also a little nod to Anton Corbjin’s video for Depeche Mode’s ‘Enjoy the Silence.'”


Chelsea Wolfe
From USA

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