Lord Of The Lost
The Look
Pubblicato il 01/12/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Blümchen è ospite del nuovo singolo dei tedeschi, che hanno scelto di riprendere il classico dei Roxette per il Weapons Of Mass Seduction:


Queste le parole di Chris Harms:

"Covering this song has been on my bucket list since I was a teenager. But it wasn't possible until now, because I didn't want just any singer at my side as a duet partner, but someone to whom Roxette means as much as it did to me from the very beginning. And I found this person in Jasmin, Blümchen. Moreover, without Per Gessle's songwriting, I wouldn't be the composer I am today. Our cover of 'The Look' is my chance to thank him for that."

Blümchen aggiunge:

"'The Look' is our declaration of love to Roxette. Marie Fredriksson has left a huge gap. It's very nice to be able to honor her in this way and thank her for everything she gave us during her lifetime."



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