Il pedale di Short Bus
Pubblicato il 09/02/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

I Filter celebrano il 29esimo anniversario del loro iconico album con un pedale in edizione limitata che imita l'originale sound di ‘Short Bus’. 

Così si legge nel comunicato:

“Get ready for an intense preamp experience with mind-blowing high-gain for the ultimate industrial magic. The BASS, MID and TREBLE knobs give you huge versatility and the pedal comes with a bonus internal switch for an additional playing mode. Each pedal comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by Richard Patrick himself.”


From USA

1995 Short Bus
1999 Title of Record
2002 The Amalgamut
2008 Anthems For The Damned
2010 The Trouble With Angels
2013 The Sun Comes Out Tonight
2016 Crazy Eyes
2023 The Algorithm