Bleed From Within
Killing Time
Pubblicato il 09/04/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

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Ali Richardson dichiara:
"As we approach the end of the Shrine cycle, we've been looking back at everything that we've achieved with this release. It has been a truly amazing couple of years, taking us thousands of miles around the world. The perfect set up to the next chapter of our band. The lyrics for Killing Time are personal, but I hope that the clear message about making the most of the time we have left will resonate with those reading them. The song always stood out to us and our fans, so it has been great to give it a place in our live set and celebrate it with this video. Shot and edited by our close friend and long time videographer/photographer Tom Armstrong, we hope you enjoy this montage as much we do. A true celebration of the bands journey over the last couple of years!"

Bleed From Within
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