Umbra Vitae
Belief Is Obsolete
Pubblicato il 14/04/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo singolo online per gli autori di Light Of Death:


Queste le parole di Sean Martin:

"This song came from a demo I recorded at ye olde home studio although, as with all of the songs on this record, we managed to make it sound even more disgusting in the best possible way! I like Swedish Death Metal and Thrash, can you tell?  Big, mean, hairy end riff to carry you out." 

Jacob Bannon aggiunge:

 "Musically, 'Belief Is Obsolete' is signature Sean Martin Bay Area Thrash worship. The performances from all of us on this one are completely redlined from beginning to end. Lyrically I explore the idea that 'belief' in the traditional sense is obsolete in the modern age we live in. It is abused as a shield and weapon socially, politically, and spiritually, ultimately becoming a burden for all." 


Umbra Vitae
From USA

Shadow Of Life - 2020