Umbra Vitae
Anti-Spirit Machine
Pubblicato il 22/05/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

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Greg Weeks afferma:

"This song reminds of traveling to Connecticut every Sunday for a couple of months to Sean's house to work on this record. It was two hours each way and sometimes it was the full band or sometimes just the two of us. We spent the days reviewing riffs, eating bad food and immersing ourselves in discussions about musicians we love, instruments we wanted and tunes we were currently listening to at the time. When I hear this song I also get a vision of Jake leaving the upstairs vocal booth at God City covered in sweat and panting as if he just ran a marathon. In between watching horror VHS movies this dude would head into a room that was blocked off from the world, holler with insane intensity and then pop out as if nothing had happened and ask 'do you wanna hear it?'”


Umbra Vitae
From USA

Shadow Of Life - 2020
Light Of Death - 2024