Pubblicato il 04/03/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

I greci annunciano il loro undicesimo album "Modern Primitive" con il video del primo singolo "Hierophant":




Seth Siro Anton commenta: "Hierophant is the result of an experiment with ideas that have been haunting our minds for quite a long time. Eventually they matured, leading us to create one of our darkest compositions ever. It is a rhythmical song with profane heavy riffing, layered with melodies that bring to mind chants from mystical ancient civilizations like the Egyptians."

Christos Antoniou aggiunge: "We found it appropriate to add an imposing ritualistic element to the song. So, from the first second until the end, the orchestration is focused 100% on its grim task, to create an awe-inspiring atmosphere and put the listener at the center of this forbidden ceremony."

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