Before The Dawn
Pubblicato il 08/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Sono tornati i finlandesi!


Questo il loro commento:

"Since the burial of Before The Dawn in 2013 a lot has happened and in all these years the idea of bringing the band back from the dead grew into a firm decision. The pandemic, which caused an empty calendar for two years, was mainly the reason for the release of the vinyl version of the "Deadlight" album (2006) and writing a brand new song was the best thing that happened musically to the core members of Before The Dawn in 2020! As a cherry on the cake, the album ended up at #1 on the Finnish album charts, needles to say a huge boost of motivation and creativity followed. Still the biggest reason for the comeback is that the band and especially the music never died, even if it was buried in 2013. Over the past 9 years, BTD's Spotify has grown with tens of thousands of followers and hundreds of thousands of monthly plays, with no promotion, no label working for it, no social media marketing or constant posting. Did the music find the people or did the people find the music...we don't know but after being dead for almost a decade, BTD is stronger and bigger than ever."

E aggiungono:
"Instead of riding the wave of nostalgia and looking back at the old releases, we wanted to look far into the future and continue where we left off in 2013 - with a reinforced line-up that can jump on festival stages and tour buses with a brand new album. Voice of Finland 2022 brought the biggest change in the line-up so far, when finalist Paavo Laapotti took over all vocal duties in the band. His majestic version of "Deadsong" impressed all members and especially songwriter Tuomas, who immediately started planning a project with Paavo. After the first song for Paavo was finished and mixed, the first idea that came to Tuomas' mind was: "This sounds like BTD, but in an upgraded version".