Mindless Omnipotent Master
Pubblicato il 09/09/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

I californiani hanno pubblicato un visualizer video estratto dal loro nuovo disco:


Scott Carstairs afferma:

“'Mindless Omnipotent Master' is about the massive, globally-linked systems of technology and society that were created for humankind’s own benefit, but have now grown into self-sustained forces beyond our control. The music sets an appropriately dark tone with four minutes of relentlessly brutal riffs and mechanically sharp precision."

E aggiunge:

"It feels surreal to finally share our new album Empyrean with the world! We can hardly describe the amount of effort, determination and patience it took to arrive at this point, but now that the day is here we can finally say that everything was worth it. 

Special shoutouts to the fans who have stuck with us for all these years. We hope Empyrean can take you on an immersive journey with enough detail to warrant many repeated listens."

Qui trovate la recensione di Empyrean:





From USA

The Harvest Wombs - 2011
The Flesh Prevails - 2014
Dreamless - 2016
Undying Light - 2019
Empyrean - 2022