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Life Beyond The Spheres
Pubblicato il 12/10/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per gli autori di The God Machine:


André Olbrich afferma:
"I'm a big supporter of innovation, to bring the whole music genre forward to something else. Maybe even find a new something that wasn't there before, I think with 'Life Beyond the Spheres,' I knew I wanted to go somewhere in the soundtrack direction. At that time, I was playing cyberpunk, so my inspiration was a little bit cyberpunkish. I tried to bring in a metal soundtrack in a cyberpunk direction, more spacey than we ever did before. Hansi grabbed that feeling and I think now we have a song we never did before, not even close to that kind of genre. I like that, that is a very innovative song, I'm proud of this too."

Hansi Kürsch aggiunge:
"'Life Beyond the Spheres' leads us to spaces unknown and places where no man has gone before. It certainly delivers music that is not from this world. There is always hope. This is what the song means to me."


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