Pubblicato il 10/03/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

I Therapy? annunciano per maggio l'uscita di Hard Cold Fire, col video di Joy:


“One thing we did decide when we were eventually able to rehearse, was that we didn't want to make a lockdown record” afferma il leader Andy Cairns - “because people have been through enough. When we began to rehearse the songs, we realised there was an empathetic quality to them. We wanted to make something that was a bit more relatable, and less standoffish and claustrophobic - which we have a history of, and it stands in places - but we wanted to make something more approachable and open.”

“We wanted this album to be one that felt good to play live, almost a release after this period of stasis, but then also not dwelling on the whole situation - we’re moving forward, and we wanted that energy to be there” aggiunge il bassista Michael McKeegan.




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