Bringer Of Vengeance
Pubblicato il 20/05/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per gli autori di Goliath:


Maurizio Iacono commenta: "Our new album Goliath comes at a time in our society where division and hate are growing and spreading on a worldwide basis, where ideologies on how the future should be for humanity is colliding, This is also a time of unprecedented power structures fighting for the control of our lives, the story of David vs Goliath has never been more important than these modern times, Metal has always been a voice of rebellion against oppression and for the protection of our freedoms, the album also touches on inner conflict and doing what needs to be done to confront your inner demons.

"The 'Bringer of Vengeance' single’s main idea is about a carefully and patiently plotted revenge. The song is inspired by the events surrounding the assassination of King Richard I 'The Lionheart' and the idea that it might take time but, one day justice will always be served".

From Canada

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