Trauma Euphoria
Pubblicato il 22/06/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Disponibile online il nuovo video della alt-metal band inglese, che tornerà domani nei negozi con Negative Energy:


Queste le parole di Megan Targett:

"Experiencing a traumatic event or grieving a major loss comes with a myriad of feelings. Denial, depression, anger and sadness are the most common ones you hear about. However, there is one that I've found nobody speaks of; Euphoria. Small moments of time where you forget that you're grieving and slip back into the person you were before the event. It's like a euphoric experience that's heightened by the fact your brain hasn't felt any hit of dopamine in such a long time. However, that sudden realization when you remember the trauma and snap out of the high has you crashing 10X harder. Feelings of guilt and shame take over and you fall deeper into the dark depths of your depression and grief. This dark place becomes a safe space in your mind, as leaving it can cause more pain and isn't worth the fall. You can become addicted to suffering and this song is a love letter to it."

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