Crossbone Skully
The Boom Went The Boom
Pubblicato il 06/10/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Phil Collen dei Def Leppard è ospite del nuovo singolo dei Crossbone Skully:


Tommy Henriksen dichiara:

“Like dynamite beneath deceit, 'The Boom Went The Boom' reveals the truth's explosive power in song, shattering masks and echoing the reckoning of lies, for when trust erodes, The Misfits Will Rise!" 
“I love the Crossbone Skully record and I've always loved Tommy's voice, especially as we've got to sing live together a few times” - aggiunge Collen - “I've always wanted to hear that voice on something like this, so here it is, finally! I'm totally thrilled to be a part of it!”

Crossbone Skully
From USA

Evil World Machine - 2023