Omar Rodríguez-López
Your Own Worst Enemy
Pubblicato il 02/12/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Così il chitarrista dei Mars Volta presenta il suo nuovo singolo solista:

“This was the first batch of songs I recorded in 2018 after taking a big break from recording. The record has a lot to do with the passing of my mother, but it is not as brutal as it would have been if I had done it back when she actually died. There was enough distance between me and when it happened.“



Omar Rodríguez-López
From USA

A Manual Dexterity(2004)
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Un Corazón de Nadie (2012)
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Arañas en la Sombra (2016)
Umbrella Mistress (2016)
El Bien y Mal Nos Une (2016)
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Infinity Drips (2016)
Weekly Mansions (2016)
Zapopan (2016)
Nom de Guerre Cabal (2016)
Some Need It Lonely (2016)
A Lovejoy (2016)
Roman Lips (2017)
Zen Thrills (2017)
Ensayo de un Desaparecido (2017)
Azul, Mis Dientes (2017)
Gorilla Preacher Cartel (2017)
Killing Tingled Lifting Retreats (2017)
Solid State Mercenaries (2017)
Doom Patrol (2017)
The Clouds Hill Tapes Parts I, II & III (2020)
Is It The Clouds? (2024)