Quattro date con gli Atheist
Pubblicato il 11/12/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Queste le date italiane confermate nel prossimo tour europeo di Atheist e Cryptopsy:

07.03  Bologna, Alchemica
08.03  Venezia, Revolver
09.03  Roma, Traffic
10.03  IMilano, Slaughter

Matt McGachy commenta:
"We are very excited to finally return to Europe! 
We have not toured Europe since 2019 and it’s literally one of our favourite places to perform. We are happy to have teamed up with Atheist, they are a killer band and we are really looking forward to have the opportunity to watch them perform each night."

Kelly Shaefer aggiunge:
"We cannot wait to finally return to Europe and the UK after over a decade. It has been far too long. We are bringing a setlist spanning over 30 years of our career, and couldn't be more excited to play these songs for you all. Also to share the stage with my old friend Flo Mounier, and the incomparable Cryptopsy boys, along with some other friends as well. The "Unquestionable Blasphemy" Tour 2024 is coming, and we hope you are ready for a truly crushing metal evening! See you soon"

From Canada

Blasphemy Made Flesh (1994)
None So Vile (1996)
Whisper Supremacy (1998)
...And Then You'll Beg (2000)
Once Was Not (2005)
The Unspoken King (2008)
Cryptopsy (2012)