Oceans Of Slumber
Poem of Fire
Pubblicato il 16/12/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Gli Oceans Of Slumber hanno diffuso un teaser del nuovo album



Queste le parole di Dobber Beverly:

“Our universal love for film composers like Zimmer and Richter has cemented a place where cinematic music can flourish in the realm of progressive metal. And that’s a place where we’ve been existing for years.  I’ve been studying newer composers like Arvo Pärt and Ludivico Einaudi trying to see what fuses modernism with later era romantic music (my favorite!) and figuring out how I can inject more of it into our work. I’ve been tasked with making more piano music by Season of Mist President Michael Berberian as a dare and I’ve taken various themes from our new record and made an overarching thematic piano piece that I hope you’ll enjoy.”

Oceans Of Slumber
From USA

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