Pubblicato il 16/01/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per gli inglesi, che hanno reso disponibile anche il remix di Zetra.

Questo il video di Absent:


Josh Middleton commenta:

"Despite having always included darker and quieter songs in our discography, 'Absent' represents uncharted territory for Sylosis, while staying true to our commitment to melody and emotion in our music. The video also breaks away from our usual style, and we're grateful for director Daniel Grey's efforts in creating something out of our comfort zone. We're excited to have invited our new friends, Zetra, to bring a fresh perspective to the track with their reimagined remix. Their dark synth influence really adds a new dimension to the song, which we love!"

E aggiunge:

“This is a more personal song and I wanted to push myself to try a different direction lyrically as well as with the music video. The song is about being so wrapped up in your own troubles that you neglect to see or appreciate that other people around you may be hurting or in a far worse place than yourself.”

Questo il remix di Zetra, che dichiara:

"A candle has been lit.
Summoned by the riff, we answered the call to transport 'Absent' into our realm.
To strip flesh from bone and be born anew.
Witness its transformation.
Thank you, Sylosis.
Always, Zetra."


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