Planet Doom
Pubblicato il 09/02/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Così Andy LaPlegua presenta il nuovo video dei Combichrist:

"This video was nothing less than a passion project for me. Horror movies is a huge part of my life and influences the way I write music as well. The idea for this video started as a tribute to the movies that I loved as a kid and still love today. A lot of homage to the classics in this video. The video was shot through 3 cold November nights in Alabama, by Ben Winston, a great and upcoming movie director. It was all shot the way they used to do it. Low budget, all shot on 16mm film, and all practical special effects, all to get it that late 70’s early 80’s slasher look and feel. The lyrics of the song and the video really have no association at all, except from the title. Both works as a stand alone idea of a doomed planet: one in a form of a slasher video based on the movies we love, and the other a social documentary of the world we live in. Divided, biased, fear mongering, judgmental, an hateful religious society. The biggest question now is, when do we do the actual movie?"



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