Codex Gigas
Pubblicato il 28/10/2022 da Lorenzo Becciani

Codex Gigas è il nuovo video estratto da Leviathan II: 


Christofer Johnsson commenta:
"One day I was thinking about epic doom metal and wondering if it is harder to write a ”hit song” in that genre, or if it’s harder in regular metal. I’m a huge fan of Candlemass, and in my opinion, I haven't heard any other band match their hit songs in the genre. So, I decided to try find out for myself how hard it is. Of course, I had to involve Thomas in the writing process, being an ex Candlemass singer. The result was "Codex Gigas”, a Candlemass-inspired Therion doom song. If it’s a hit or not will be up to the fans to judge.”



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