The Vacant Lots
Damaged Goods
Pubblicato il 16/08/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Il nuovo video dei Vacant Lots è stato presentato da Iggy Pop su BBC 6 Music:


Così dichiara il duo:

"Damaged Goods is about integrating conflicting internal feelings. If you're saying you need an exit strategy and one lifetime is enough, that's a whole other zone you're going to. On this album, I wanted to dig deeper than I had done before and really carve out the pain", Jared Artaud says of the new single: "In Damaged Goods lines from other songs on the record are referenced and contrasted. We did this a lot on Interiors. I like how all the songs can interrelate with one another, and it gives this song and the album another layer of intimacy, depth and closeness."

Interiors uscirà ad Ottobre su Fuzz Club Records: