Sonata Arctica
A Monster Only You Can't See
Pubblicato il 12/12/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

Lyric video online per gli autori di Clear Cold Beyond:


"This could have been SONATA ARCTICA's self-titled album
in the way it reflects both the timish band's power metal urgency
and some kind of Broadway musical storytelling magic."
ROCK HARD (IT), Emanuele Biani

"This is the album fans have been asking for for 20 years. Frozen Finnish fury.
This band hasn't been this vital in two decades. Sensational stuff."
FISTFUL OF METAL (UK), Bruce Turnbull

"Beautiful, old-school and versatile:
A very cold album that fills you with a lot of familiar warmth at the same time."
ROCK HARD (DE), Simon Bauer


Tony Kakko spiega:

"How we all may have in our group of friends that one person who seems to be a magnet for all kinds of problems, many of which he/she may not even see himself/herself. Maybe you're that one? You might be an asshole, but you're OUR asshole and we can see through all that, see the real you, and help. And when children arrive to the scene, they all fit under that same umbrella. Don't worry. We'll kick your butt up that hill."

Sonata Arctica
From Finlandia

1999 – Ecliptica
2001 – Silence
2003 – Winterheart's Guild
2004 – Reckoning Night
2007 – Unia
2009 – The Days of Grays
2012 – Stones Grow Her Name
2014 – Pariah's Child
2016 – The Ninth Hour
2019- Talviyö
2024 - Clear Cold Beyond