Sonata Arctica
Pubblicato il 09/03/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Dai quartieri alti di Helsinki alla California è un attimo..


Cos' Tony Kakko commenta il nuovo video estratto da Clear Cold Beyond:

"This is a song about persons who think that it's possible and okay to charm and have any and all people for themselves - use and lose - and who don't care about the amount of pain and broken hearts left behind. And now you're the target, but you know better and make sure that this will not happen until 'California falls into the sea,' what I've come to understand is impossible and will never happen, at least in the sense of science fiction. Simply put: The track deals with self-protection. If you're strong enough, you can of course give such persons a serving of their own poison what can be satisfying."

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Sonata Arctica
From Finlandia

1999 – Ecliptica
2001 – Silence
2003 – Winterheart's Guild
2004 – Reckoning Night
2007 – Unia
2009 – The Days of Grays
2012 – Stones Grow Her Name
2014 – Pariah's Child
2016 – The Ninth Hour
2019- Talviyö
2024 - Clear Cold Beyond